The Guide

Hi, so this is a guide, how to open the Ashley Madison dump files released in July 2015.

Download the dumps. Here is the magnet for the torrent.

Install WAMP server and install it if you don’t have a MySQL server running already. Here is the link.

Download and install MySQL Workbench, link here.

Make sure WAMP is running and the SysTray icon is green. NOTE: If you are running Skype, turn it off!

Run MySQL Workbench and select the running wampserver. When the interface is loaded, create a scheme named after one of the .dump.gz files.

Open the .dump.gz file you want and extract the content (basically a .dump file).

Get back to Workbench and on the left select Management–>Data Import.
Select Import from Self-Contained File and find the .dump file you extracted. NOTE: When looking for the file, in the File Type menu select All files.
The default target schema has to be the schema you created before.

Start the import. NOTE: It will take days to import, the dumps are huge.

Repeat the same with all the other dump.gz files. Then you can see them in the left menu under Schemas–>YourSchema–>Tables–>TheTableInThere–>Click on the small Table icon that pops out when placing your mouse to the table name.


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